We sent out an email asking for some impressions Song Shop customers had based on their songs and overall experience. We thought we’d feature a few quotes from our favorites on this new part of the Song Shop site, so, hopefully, anyone interested in buying a song or waiting for theirs to arrive can know a bit about the end result.

"I found Song Shop unintentionally on the SA website.I signed up to be emailed when songs were available to be purchased and a few weeks later, I got a message that the shop was open. My fingers were shaking; I couldn't click that mouse or type my information in fast enough. By the time my song was purchased and I was directed to send an email explaining what I wanted my song to be about, I was on some weird adrenaline high and decided to just wing it. So, I wrote a super inarticulate email blabbering about my overabundance of insecurities and total lack of direction. I sent the email on its way with no concept of what the process of Song Shop would mean to me... My only concern was if Max would be able to extract anything of value from my rambling email that really wasn't about anything except how much my life sucked.

... Finally, I got the email with my song. It was the most surreal thing I've experienced to date. I listened to the song. I listened to the song again. I teared up a little. Then I listened to it ten more times. I kept trying to comprehend that this time the song really WAS just for me, from Max.

And of course, because Max has this miraculous ability to understand so deeply and to communicate ideas, my song was beyond perfect. I've shared my song with a few close friends and they've all had the same reaction: it's amazing that someone who doesn't know me was able to write a song that is so clearly for me. Every time I listen to my song, I remind myself again that it's mine alone and that it's from Max Bemis, someone I respect and adore so much. I feel so fortunate that I had the opportunity to know Max a little more and know myself a lot more through Song Shop. It was the best purchase I've ever made (and probably ever will make)."

"I purchased a song from the song shop in a very rough point in my life. I'd just been dumped by a girl I loved very much because I was being deployed to Korea. When I got my song from max even from just the outline I gave him of my situation he made a song the captured exactly how I felt and blew me away. Not ashamed to admit it was so personal I teared up. I would recommend this to any fan of Say Anything, heck any fan of music. Thanks again for such a wonderful song."

"Let me just say that Max has done an incredible job writing these songs for each individual, I have heard others' songs and can see he doesn't just throw something together, he actually channels the persons thoughts and feelings and creates something unlike any other. I personally have had 7 songs written for me and each has touched me and its as though I'm the one who wrote the words and put every ounce of my being within each lyric...The songs I’ve commissioned were all on very intimate and personal experiences and emotions that will forever be recorded in something that helps me feel and express my thoughts... music..... I encourage everyone, Say Anything fans as well as others, to trust in this beautiful and amazing gift Max Bemis has and let him channel you. Whether you're angry about something, happy, sad or want to remember someone this is a gift anyone can love. Thanks again Max, and I eagerly await getting 4 more this time around... a lot has happened!"

"This investment is, if nothing else, you buying a lifetime supply of happiness. To me, it'd be the equivalent of getting a signed copy of Abbey Road; it just isn't something that you come across. For the price, you're truly getting a timeless piece of Say Anything that any fan should want."

"It's something out of the ordinary to be able to have the chance to have your favorite artist/ songwriter to compose a song just for you. Is Max Bemis absolutely absurd, the answer is yes? How many songwriters give fans the opportunity to have a personal song written especially for them? I admire Max Bemis' lyrical genius and knew this was an opportunity I couldn't pass up! I ordered my song and sent a paragraph about what I wanted it to be about, mine was about my boyfriend and I for our anniversary.... Anxiously I awaited the song's arrival and the day I got it, I couldn't even tell you how many times I played it. The goofy things about my boyfriend and I being summed up in a song by an artist that both of us love to listen to, is a reality unlike any other. I can't help but enjoy listening to my song shop song and singing along. It always makes me smile. Not many artists take the time for things like this, but truthfully they should it's something that fans will cherish forever; I know I will cherish my fun and goofy song about my boyfriend and I... If you love Say Anything and Max Bemis especially, just think a song personalized to whatever you want just for you. Trust me you won't regret it."

"My Song Shop song is about the hard time I went through after I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Max wrote a beautiful song that I listen to every time I need a little inspiration or a pick me up or hope, to know that I can beat my anxiety. The song means so much to me, not only because it is written by one of my favorite musicians, but also because he took the time out of his schedule to make it happen. I even got a call from him, which was surreal.

I wish more bands did this, it is truly awesome, and now I have a little personalized piece of music. When I play it for my friends I feel really proud."

"The whole experience was so worth it. There's almost an indescribable feeling when you open that e-mail with your song included. You just know you're a part of something really special. The song is what makes it incredible. Being able to go back & listen to a song that says exactly what you needed/wanted it to, can be therapeutic, or just plain fun. It's definitely something that's worth the wait!"

"I had been dating Chris for about a year and a half.... Things became rocky in January and we decided to break up. You know the deal when it comes to breakups, heartaches and drama. We remained close friends even though it was hard to see each other run around with people to mend the brokenness. On a day home from school, Chris put in a CD and I began hearing the familiar voice of Max Bemis. Thinking it was just a Say Anything song that had slipped my playlist, I asked what it was only to receive the answer "just wait." 5 second into the song, I hear Max say my name, describe what I look like and retell the story of mine and Chris' relationship. Tears rush to my eyes when I realize what my ears were hearing. So shocked, I didn't know what to do but to say thank you. The romantic stories always have a happy ending, which this one does. We got back together a few weeks later and are stronger then ever. Getting that song was one of the best presents I have ever gotten and I don’t think anything will ever be able to top it." "Absolutely loved my song shop song.... What Max Can do amazes me.... its cool because it’s getting a personal song just for you. It’s like when you hear a song and you’re like "that artist gets me" well... this song "Is You"

"A few years ago my younger brother, Scott, made me a mixed cd including a catchy little tune by some band I'd never heard of. I asked for more, and he introduced me to Say Anything, which quickly became one of our limited musical agreements. He once told me about Max's Song Shop, which I thought would be the ultimate present for him, but unfortunately wasn't available anymore. When I heard there was going to be a new Song Shop session, I pooled money with my older brother to buy a song for Scott's Christmas present. The hardest part was keeping the secret when Scott kept saying ‘We should pitch in and get one this time!’. I asked Max to write a song for and about Scott, who has been there for me through all the really tough times in my life. He's an unassuming yet amazing person, my brother and my best friend, and Max captured that completely. He wrote the song from my perspective, including everything I crammed into my song description. My brother and I both teared up when we heard it. It was hard waiting the few months, but Max sent out lots of email updates. The highlight was being able to call him and tell him how much we loved the song, and the fact that Scott got to say hello to him. Good luck topping that Christmas present, little bro!"

"Max wrote the words that absolutely documented my boyfriend and I's history. We would not have had it any other way and are most certainly are going to be Song Shop purchasers as often as the opportunity comes around. Our song was beyond perfect and Max wrote about us as if he had known us our entire lives. Amazing what he did with a few simple sentences though e-mail. As our lives develop as a couple, we want Max to be our narrator."

"At first I didn't think that it could be real either, and after "purchasing" the song I have to say I still had my doubts about its authenticity and the effort that would be put into its creation. Weeks later when I received the song in my inbox, I was very pleasantly surprised. After I actually listened to the song, I couldn't believe it - you had written a short song (I now wish I had paid for the full three minutes!) about EXACTLY what I had described to you. I knew if anyone could capture the emotion of this event in my life it would be you, and you went above and beyond my expectations by putting a little bit of Max in there too. It was raw, it was real, and you did not disappoint with your poetic genius and witty humor. Thank you, Max. I admired you before you sent off on this daunting task, but now I admire you all the more, and on a more personal level too. Good luck with all the future songs, I know they'll mean the same to hundreds of other SA fans."

"I just wanted to write in and say that never in my wildest dreams could I have imaged something as amazing Song Shop. I have been Say Anything's biggest supporter for 10 years now, attending every show within 100 miles of me. To have something so personal from someone who has been your hero is beyond words. So far I have purchased 2 song shop songs from Max, and the next time it opens, I plan on ordering an EP. Max is such an amazing artist and person, and the fact that he put together something like this to really reach out to his fans on a level no one else has done before is groundbreaking. He puts so much heart into these songs, and for someone to be so busy with everything else he has going on, and yet he still takes the time to create one of a kind masterpieces for his fans, he really is amazing. I will continue to support this band until my dying day. To have such an amazing program like Song Shop is cool enough, but the fact that it's my favorite artist that does it, it's surreal. Say Anything is tattooed across my wrist, to always remind me of all of the hardships that Max's music has gotten me through. Addiction, Anxiety attacks, Bi-polar disorder, Abuse...his words have always helped me through. I will support song shop, no matter what the price, because you cannot put a price on this kind of art. GROUNDBREAKING! Thank you so much to Merch Direct, and to Max. He wrote a song for me about overcoming addiction through the power of music, and he wrote a song for my newborn daughter, which I played the day she was born. It will always be her song. I could go on and on about how amazing this is. You will never find a bigger supporter of this program and this artist than me. Thank you, Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! You have changed music forever!"

"I wrote in my description as something kind of vague, I didn't really know how to explain what I wanted. Then, when I got my song, that was IT. Exactly what I had wanted to say in words I would have never imagined using. It meant so much to me to know that through only a few short sentences someone could relate to what I was going through and write words of encouragement and sing them so beautifully. I absolutely LOVE any work of Max Bemis's, but this was so much more than just something I had on a cd. This was my very own song, written just for me, about me. It is an absolutely amazing feeling to know that though I have a song written personally for me by my favorite singer of my favorite band. I can't wait for the next opportunity to buy one again!"

"I bought a song from Max Bemis for my husband's birthday last year. The song was amazing and my husband and I both love it! I asked for it to be about monkeys (don't ask why) - and Max managed to write a romantic song that included monkeys! I had a great experience with the song shop, and would do it again with a full-length song, although the shorter song is very affordable. Thanks Max!"

"My boyfriend and I decided to buy a song and have it written about us and what we've been through, "Tall Drink of Water". It was the most wonderful thing I had ever heard come out of speakers. I fell asleep with the song on repeat the entire week after we got it. We're both HUGE Max Bemis fans so it was even more special to have an entire song that is personal and written by an extremely influential person in our lives. There aren't words for it. I cry every single time I listen to it. The fact that he takes time out of his life for his fans to write an individual song and call each & every one of us is unfathomable. It is 100% worth the money, and time. You won't ever regret it."

"As soon as I found out about the Song Shop I was really excited. Say Anything has been my favorite band for years and the thought that Max wanted to write individual songs for his fans seemed insane. At some point I must have mentioned it to my family because on my birthday I got a song from Max. The year leading up to that had been pretty awful (and, sadly, not at all private) so everyone already knew exactly what I would have told Max about. When he sent me the song, I listened to it immediately. It was amazing. It had Say Anything quality guitar, vocals and lyrics, but most of all, it was exactly what I needed to hear at the time. Every line felt extremely personal and hopeful, and to be honest, hearing it made me tear up. In the end, it played a really big part in getting me through that time in my life."

".....It is our favorite song and will be the first song we dance to at our wedding. Say Anything is our favorite band, and hearing a song so specific to our lives and our relationship...I honestly can't think of any other band that can offer something so amazing. How many people can say that their absolute favorite Singer/Songwriter wrote and sang a song just for them? I can."

"Max has now written two songs for me on song shop and they have both been truly amazing. I am only 16, and I must say it was the best $225 (all of which I earned at a shitty minimum wage job) I have ever spent. The first song was written about my best friend and me, but the second was one just for me. "Buckle" is about getting through the night and just continuing on no matter how much shit goes on in the world. I am an activist for youth rights in schools, and it kept me going in my suburban, sterile high school. Every time there was a barrier in trying to improve things, the chorus would play in my head and I would keep "moving on."

"After a lot of success at school and elsewhere in my activism, i "buckled" from the weight. About a month into my senior year of high school, a month before my seventeenth birthday, I was admitted into a mental hospital after battling depression for years. Even with my 3.9 GPA and everything going for me with scholarships and college applications, I cracked. While I was in the hospital my daily positive statements were things like "If Max could do it, so can I." I couldn't remember all the lyrics from my song, but it didn't matter. All that kept playing in my head were the lines "I have to just believe and move along tonight." Between my song shop song and my stolen, contraband lyrics from "The Church Channel" and "This is Fucking Ecstasy" I got through it and I was released. I am diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and depression, and am ready to face it head on. Before all of this happened, Max and his CONSTANT effort to reach out to fans kept me going. His song shop song got me through a lot, and I know that he wrote it FOR me. "Buckle" was exactly what I was looking for when I asked him for advice on how to just get through. His simple, yet sincere lyrics kept me from truly "buckling" with suicide and now I am ready to make this world a better place of course with just a tad bit of anarchy (my dear). Song Shop and Say Anything truly changed my life, and I am forever grateful for Max and his contributions to my sanity."