Back in 2008, in an an effort to minimize the gap between music listeners and performers, and to invent a new way for buying music to be worth it in this new digital age, Max came up with a predictably crazy idea in a haze of sleeping medication: to create and record PERSONAL songs for fans of Say Anything and his songwriting.

The process behind buying a Song Shop song is simple. After you buy your song through PayPal, you receive an email where you are directed to a place where you can write a couple paragraphs about anything you want; existential angst, personal tragedy, impending nuptials, grief over a dead dog, fascination with the artist formerly known as Prince (which was a real song shop request, mind you), or just the love you feel for a friend. It can be literally ANYTHING, any story, and/or any emotion you wish to capture in Max’s voice. There are several awesome options of the “menu” on the main page that concern how your song is written or if it comes with extra goodies.

Max will deliver an acoustic Say Anything song based on your experiences and what you submitted! Each song is 100 percent written by Max for YOU, the buyer. No two songs will be the same and there is a lot of emotion put into the work. Songs can also be written for special situations like anniversaries, engagements or birthdays, or be biographical or concerning abstract concepts. Trust us, you can be as weird as you'd like with this. You can also have Max write something based on his own experiences or a completely original creation, but still have it be for you.

Over the years since our first trial run, Song Shop has now provided songs for lots of actual thousands of highly satisfied music fans and although Max’s schedule limits the amount of times the Shop can remain open, it has become a highly functional musical project with themes and an evolution of its own. It’s run in conjunction with Merch Direct, who provide customer care for anyone who buys a song.

Song Shop 2013 was the first year of the involvement of Max’s wife Sherri Dupree Bemis, who sings in Eisley and Perma, her project with Max. You can now buy various types of songs featuring Sherri on back-up vocals.

There’s also the option to buy an EP or full album of songs, an option to buy FULL BAND Say Anything songs, and a new proposal package. If you’re a prospective customer but want to know more about Song Shop, check out our new Frequently Asked Questions, or our new Testimonials section where you see how some of our customers experienced Song Shop. Buyers will now have the option to include Sherri's vocals to spice up any full length song for a fairly minimal amount more.

The Song Shop system in place has been set up by Merch Direct so that if something changes in your life, you’ll be able to make changes to your song description all the way up until Max starts working on your song. The info on how to do this will be sent to you via email after you purchase your Song Shop song. Merch Direct also provides full customer service in case you have a question or concern.

Please be aware that all sales are final. The songs are written as one of Max’s full time jobs. However patience is UTTERLY required as the wait time for your song can fluctuate depending on Max’s schedule or emergencies. That being said, you can always email Max personally on gmail and check in about your song. You may get your song astonishingly quick or it may take a hella while, so be prepared for either. However, with around ten thousand songs on our record we can totally promise it’s worth the wait. Your song will be extremely special to you, will last forever and the wait is worth it even if you happen to be later "in line".

Once payment has been received, you will receive a message sent to the email address associated with your PayPal account with instructions on how to submit a ONE or TWO paragraph description about your song. Before you order, it is very important that you make sure that emails from aren't landing in your spam folder.