Buy your very own Say Anything song

Written for you, about you or anything you want by Max Bemis

  • What am I buying?

    A Song Shop song is a personalized song written for you, by me, about anything you want. You buy a song and then tell me what you want it to be about. I write the completely original jam and when your song is ready, we upload it to a place where you can download it as an mp3.

  • What is the process?

    Every two weeks, we’ll open up the Song Shop.You buy one and submit your description when you buy it, and you’ll be able to download the song before we open up again. So barring a true emergency, you’ll be getting your song back in two weeks or less.

  • How long is each song? What do they sound like?

    Song Shops are acoustic, professional quality recordings produced by yours truly or a professional engineer/producer. Once and a while I’ll layer stuff a bit but more often than not I just perform them live for a very organic, emotionally resonant feel, (which is the most fun and easy) while still having them sound great. The “vibe” of the song totally ranges based on what feelings your description provokes in me. They make be scream-filled, punk-ish, loud and dark or delicate and soft; bouncy and jubilant or aching and longing. You can (but don’t have to) specify what you’re looking for in that sense when you submit your description. The one thing caveat: no covers, unfortunately. 

As for how long they are, a half-length song is usually between 1 and two minutes. A full length is generally between 2.5 and 4, but both vary and sometimes I tend to make the songs a bit longer. I’ve never received a complaint as to the length of the songs.

  • What should I have you write about?

    Seriously, anything goes. Details are always very helpful, but less info (a line or two) can sometimes be even easier for me and equally inspiring, as it leaves me more room to expand upon the themes with my own word-play and vision; therefore you can have lots to say or a little to say and it will be equally helpful. Just don’t cram your description with every detail in the world and hope they all make it into the song. Don’t feel “cheesy” for having me write you a love song; I adore doing so and try to make every one stand out and resonate. Don’t feel cliché for having me write a song about loneliness, angst, depression or mental health issues; the songs always reflect a part of my soul and I can write about it forever and in an infinite amount of ways. You DESERVE your song, should you want one. Everyone’s problems and joys are epic to them and that’s why music makes people feel so much. Don’t be embarrassed, this is between you and me and I’ve led a really awkward, messed up life, so I’m up for anything. If there is something you know a loved one would want, you can express the type of person they are or what they mean to you and I will do my best to make the song something they’d love. Also, something silly and lighthearted is also just as valid as something dark or deep.